Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy


If an order is placed Thursday - Saturday, it will ship on the next shipment day.

Shipping within the United States takes approximately one week from the date of dispatch. Holidays, natural disasters, and rural areas may delay shipping. Orders will be processed approximately in 3 business days after being placed and will be shipped out on shipment days.  A tracking number will be emailed soon as the order has been sent. 


Please note due to COVID-19 shipments have been delayed by 5-7 business days.

Return & Exchange Policy

Please order carefully and follow all advisories and notes on our website, since food (consumable) products cannot be returned. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please contact us before you submit the order.  

If we are at fault (wrong flavors, incorrect size) and make a mistake in fulfilling your order, please contact us within 2 business days so we can rectify the situation.  After 2 business days, we can no longer process reships or refunds. Even if you don’t need the product immediately, open the shipment when it arrives to make sure the entire product is in good shape and your order is complete.

Please note that once an item has been shipped order cancellations are only valid within 24 hours after the order has been submitted.

Please review your order before submitting and verify the following:

Quantities:  Check through your order to verify you are purchasing the correct quantity of each item.

Heat: During really hot times of the year, when you check out, Expedited shipping is suggested for your shipment. If you choose a slower or non-guaranteed shipping option (such as Home Delivery/Ground or USPS Priority Mail), we cannot guarantee your product will arrive safely. You can submit an inquiry for overnight or expedited shipping.

We suggest you ship to an address where someone can receive the delivery immediately (we are not responsible for shipment left outside in the heat for extended times) If you follow these guidelines, we will guarantee your meltable products arrive safely.

Shipping address:  verify you entered the correct shipping address and zip code (watch out for typos!)

Taste:  We cannot be responsible if you don’t like the taste of a product you ordered. If you are unsure about a product, please contact us before you order.

If you have any concerns or specific requirements, please call us before you place your order: 


We cannot take responsibility for products damaged in transit due to extremes in temperature, nor will we replace any product before reviewing the delivery circumstances and whether our heat guidelines were followed at the time of order. We cannot refund orders for heat-related issues if you don’t follow our guidelines.

In the event that the order arrives melted or in an unusable condition after following our guidelines, a claim must be submitted within three (3) days after physical receipt of merchandise (tracked by FedEx/USPS/UPS).  Please keep all packaging materials and photograph the damages in case they are needed to file a claim with the shipping service.

Upon receipt of your order, if the incorrect merchandise is received, we will do our best to correct the issue in a timely manner.  We will re-ship the correct merchandise using the shipping service level purchased at the time the order was placed.

 For example, if the incorrect merchandise was shipped using Ground, it will be re-shipped using Ground. If you shipped using an expedited shipping method we will resend using the same method of shipping.

No returns/refunds can be granted on Special Order Items including overnight shipments, custom colors, flavors, stickers, or specific toppings.